R&D&I centers

Research is one of the mainstays of the international reputation of AMES, and a strategic activity within the group.

Through research, Ames aims to:
– Launch innovative products into market in order to satisfy clients needs.
– Improve current products, quality and competitiveness.
– Develop new manufacturing processes designed for new materials.
– Improve processes in order to increase the products reliability and repetitivity, as well as reducing costs.
– Increase the diversification of the AMES group, by penetrating new markets through the development of innovative and adapted solutions.

The R&D&I team is composed of Doctors in Metallurgy, Chemists, Mechanical Engineers, and highly specialized Technicians.

AMES works with Universities and Research Centers of different disciplines, nationally and internationally, for basic research projects.

The research structure of AMES is composed by a centre network, headed by the Technological Centre, and specific Laboratories in every plant.

Within the R&D&I department, there is the Central Technical Office, whose main responsibility is the development of new projects, by designing the tooling and the manufacturing process.