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Selfoil® Standard bearings

AMES offers the Selfoil® range of self-lubricating sintered bearings with standard dimensions, very suitable for low quantity needs.

The materials of Selfoil® standard bearing are Ames-A4® bronze and iron.
Impregnation oils can work under temperature ranges from -20ºC to +120ºC.

Selfoil® is available in 3 geometries: cylindrical, cylindrical with flange, and spherical. Dimensions are according to the metric system, but a range of imperial dimensions for cylindrical shape is also available. More than 900 standard dimensions are possible.

The Selfoil® High Performance range corresponds to standard bearings with cylindrical shape with or without flange, of diameters larger than 30 mm. This range of product, which usually work under more severe conditions, incorporates two advantageous lubricating elements: a special oil designed for low speed anf high load, and a solid lubricant added to the bronze Ames-A4® which decreases the friction at start and minimizes wear during service.

AMES offers three additional advantages of standard Selfoil® bearings:
Availability. Permanent stock, and immediate delivery (24 h after order reception).
Service. More than 180 distributors in Europe, America and Asia.
Packaging. Plastic bags with bar code.

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More than 1000 dimensions available for retail. Permanent stock.

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