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Mechanical and hydraulic parts

The equipment goods industry is a major user of sintered components. Since the profitability of purchased sintered parts increases with the annual output, it is easily understood that the largest users of sintered components are in the automotive, household appliances, handtools, and some other industries of high volume.

As a reference, each car uses some 12 kg of sintered parts in Europe. Taking an average weight per piece of about 20 grams, the result is that each car contains about 600 sintered components, some of them considered as Critical or as Safety components.

Sintering is used for a large number of structural components, either mechanical or hydraulic. There is a great diversity of materials (iron based), shapes, finishings, treatments and coatings, whick make possible to reach components of high precision and strong performance.
Material for such components is typically steel. AMES provides a wide range of sintered steel grades, from Fe-C, to high-alloy steels with Cu, Ni, Mo, Cr or Mn.
Properties of materials are the result of the combination of the alloying strategy and the processing technology. The achievable properties are, indicatively: yield strength higher than 850 MPa, tensile strength higher than 1250 MPa, apparent hardness up to 55 HRC, and bending fatigue limit higher than 450 MPa. These properties are comparable to wrought structural steels or to alloyed cast iron.

AMES has developed two materials for special or generic applications:
Simoloy-B®. This a low-cost steel, suitable for mechanical applications of medium-high strength. It is recyclable, nickel-free, and has low sensibility to price variations of the alloying elements.
<- TriboPM®. This is a metallic based composite material, suitable for applications where high wear resistance combined with low friction coefficient is required.

Some of the applications of sintered structural components are:
– Vehicle engines: Gear, sprockets, pulleys, forks, sensors.
Transmissions: Levers, forks, fingers, gears, plates, stators and rotors for CVT systems, synchronizing hubs.
VVT: Rotors, stators, pulleys, coupling and spacers.
Brakes: Rotors, plates, couplings and shoes of servo brake pump, racks, regulation gears, ABS sensors, or hubs.

Transfer case: Pulleys, sprockets, carriers, hubs, cams, plates and G-rotors of the 4×4 pumps.
Timing: Cams, pulleys, spacers, regulation forks, rocker arms.
Steering:: Rotors, rings and plates of the power steering pump, rack guides, couplings, gears for blocking and adjustment of steering wheel.
– Oil pumps: G-rotors, gears, stators, rotors and housings.
Fuel pumps: Rotors, plates, stators, G-rotors, counterweight.
Comfort and safetySeveral components for the seat regulation, air conditioning, safety locks, doors, mirrors, cameras, safety belts, airbags, fans, etc. 
Shock absorbersValves, pistons, guides and spacers. The AMES Supercoining® process allows to improve the preload precision of pistons and end cylinders.
Refrigerator compressors: Counterweights, plates, pistons and rods.
Industrial pumps: Diverse gears, and a variety of hydraulic parts.
– Components for other industries: Awnings, shutters, doors, windows, sundry appliances, taps, lawn mowers, locksmiths, maintenance items, industrial machinery, agricultural machinery, medicine, trains, arms, etc..

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