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Company values

AMES, as a company with a clear technological and innovative calling, and strongly committed to society, wants to be an organisation
where all individuals and groups involved (staff, customers, suppliers, shareholders, or the society proper) can satisfy their expectations, either at short or long term.¡

This approach involves the following commitments:
For employees, to reach their improvement and personal fulfillment, both professional and economical, ensuring their maximum security.
For customers, to meet their expectations, either technological, economical, or in terms of service.
For suppliers, to stablish confident and long-term relationships.
For shareholders, to maximise profit from their investments over the time.
For society, to launch onto the market useful products and services, thus contributing growth, being respectful with the environment, generating wealth for the overall country, and integrating itself into the towns or cities where AMES carries out its business.

The implementation of above commitments is only possible if everyone involved with AMES, be it directly (Employees and Shareholders) or indirectly contributing to its existence (Customers, Suppliers, Society) also fulfill their duties towards AMES.
Employees contribute with their personal commitment of professionalism, responsibility and involvement in the company overall objectives.
Shareholders contribute with their commitment to maintain and gradually increase their investments as far as possible.
Regarding external agents:
From customers and suppliers, AMES experts fulfillment of their contractual commitments with the maximum diligence and efficency.
From society, AMES expects a continued support of AMES development by means of Government instruments in order to increase creation of wealth on the entire territories where established.

Dr. Cèsar Molins
General Director of AMES


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